Call centre and contact centre

Esecom offers technical platforms for call- or contact center solutions, which we will tailor according to the needs and wishes of the client. The call center manages calls, whereas the contact center manages both calls and the written communication (e-mails, chat, social media, etc.).

For a full call center services, including workforce and contact centre services, we would recommend the 24/7 availability specialized service-provider - Runway International OÜ.


Based on functional options, it’s possible to distinguish between three main categories of call- or contact center technical solutions:


  • Usual phone-ring group with notices and voice recordings
  • Mid-level solutions with options for directing calls and creating answering groups, statistics, auto-dialers (IVRs), call -code options, and voice-recording
  • Premium level call centers and contact centers with added complexities.

The basic phone-ring group and mid-level solutions, be easily delivery based on Wildix communication platform, including the ability to communicate with customers directly through a company website (call & chat) as free of charge extra-option. The introduction of Wildix's call center statistics section and short videos can be found here. The introduction of the ability to communicate via the webpage, also in the Contact Center, can be found here.


The premium Mitel MiCC Enterprice (Solidus) solutions have an advantage for being highly flexible. Independent of the respondent's workplace (desktop in the office, home office, mobile phone, laptop, etc.) or the answer method (voice, email, chat, social media), the reception of the incoming call or contact on the system and the control process is always ensured.


The premium level call- and contact centres generally offer following:
  • Skill-based routing e.g. service levels and call management logics based on staff skill and capability
  • Integration with various software (authentication, screen capture, transcription)
  • e-communication tools interface (e-mail, chat, social media) to handle written contacts on an equivalent basis and logic as phone-calls

Mite MiCC Enterprise introductory videos can be found from here and information about extra features from here.