Special VoIP solution

Mitel Streamline – VoIP telephony made feasible on the existing physical phone line.

The Mitel Streamline solution offers the ability to switch from previous generation analogue / digital telephones to modern VoIP telephony without changing the existing home cabling. The use of Mitel Streamline is particularly topical for large and older industrial and warehouse buildings, or for passenger ships, where the cost of reworking existing communication cables would be enormous or technically unworkable.

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Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway (MBG) provides high-level IP security in modern VoIP telephony if you want to use telephone directories in addition to the company's intranet, also on the free Internet, that is, in an open and secure external IT network. By using MBG, a user can use VoIP voice communication to make a video call through any open Internet connection without having to worry about security and without a prior need to launch a VPN-based dedicated security channel. MGB is, in simplified form, a firewall that provides security anywhere in the world by dialing out VoIP calls over the Internet. Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway successfully performs both WebRTC, SIP Proxy, and IPv4 and IPv6 network gateway functionality.

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