VoIP communication

Esecom has chosen contemporary communication solutions for VoIP communications, as well as the entire portfolio from two leading companies in the field: Mitel Networks Corporation and Wildix srl.

The Mitel MiVoice MX-One is an IP based communication solution (IP-PBX) that allows to integrate a variety of tools in one system: from VoIP phones / software and portable phone IP-DECT network, mobile phone interfacing, standard DECT, to system or analogue phone and fax.

The Mitel MiVoice MX-One platform enables to add and create additional custom solutions, such as the advanced contact center Mitel MiCC Enterprise or a software solutions for cloud-based groupwork MiCollab or MiTeam.

More information on Mitel MiVoice MX-One can be found here.


Wildix Communication System is a new IP-based communications solution and ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The solution uses a WebRTC protocol in many functionalities, thus allowing communication in addition to voice calls to be much more diverse and directly to the company or institution's homepage. Just by adding a chat window, a regular or video call option, a call center for statistics and voice recordings with different phones and network devices, Wildix has brought the world of communication with many companies or institutions to a completely new level.


Find out more information about Wildix Communiction System from here.